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Immah leads an expedition through the caves of Min'Aroth

Imma is the elder and oracle of the Free Martians. Although she holds no official position, the Free Martian Rangers answer to her and she is respected by all. She has traveled the lengths of the Free Martian lands and is familiar with the settlements. As a religious leader, she is sought for wisdom and guidance and to some she is looked to for divine knowledge. She is also of the most knowledgeable of the practitioners of the art of crafting, and keeps incredible collection of rare meteor dusts for her use in this work.

She resides in a small, simple hut built in to the base of the Noctis Labyrinthus, where she greets visitors and travelers with a cup of meteor tea and a wise word. Like many Free Martians, however, she is often on the move.

She has an unparalleled knowledge of the Min'Aroth cave system, and the ruins hidden there. Even the Arrach that live there are rumored to respect her.

As a keeper of the lore and stories of the Free Martians, she is intimately familiar with the writings and hieroglyphics found in the sacred sites in the Min'Aroth. She believes Zahava is depicted in a key painting found in the fallen temple and that the girl is destined to play a critical role in the future of Mars.