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Luna orbs are energetic, bio-responsive, highly volatile spheres found in the caves beneath the Martian surface. Their discovery on Mars in the years following the death of Terra played a crucial role in the survival of the Martian colonies.

History and Discovery[]

Luna were first discovered by colony scientist and researcher [REDACTED] in the year [REDACTED]. After Terra went dark and supplies stopped arriving the Colonies went through an energy crisis that threatened their very existence. The discovery of Luna and Luna based energy was a revolution. Techniques were developed for extracting the Luna gel from the dangerous orbs along with efficient methods of harnessing the energy the gel could provide. With the availability of Luna gel came research into other, stranger, properties of Luna. Besides for being extremely explosive, Luna gel had unexpected effects on biological organisms, affecting their growth and endurance and causing some bio-engineered species to gain the ability to breathe on Mars. Human Luna trials showed powerful, if sometimes dangerous results.

The Colonies under the guidance of the Martian Council became all but entirely dependent on Luna for energy. The Council has other uses for Luna. Direct energy tapping of Luna orbs remains a largely impossible feat.

Mining and Extraction[]

Finding and mining Luna orbs poses a unique challenge.

Uses and Properties[]