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Zahava in the Sacred Site. From Levana Lore: Part 5.

The “Sacred Site”, as named by the Free Martians, is an ancient underground temple containing murals and statues of dragons. It is located within the Min’Aroth cave system below the Noctis Labyrinthus. and is discovered at least two times during the known history of Mars.

Zora and Rael discover the Sacred Site. From Origin: Personal Dragon Atlas.

According to Origins: Personal Dragon Assistant, the Sacred Site was first explored by scientist Zora (surname unknown) and guide Rael (surname unknown) in 2163 during a routine cave expedition. Upon discovery, Zora recorded all murals, statues, and text on a Personal Data Assistant, or PDA. It is unknown how and why this information is lost until rediscovered by the Free Martians between the years  2361 and 2370.

In Levana Lore 5: Part 5, Zahava, Immah, Salim, and an unknown ranger journey to the Sacred Site. The trip begins at a cave opening in the base of a cliff near Immah’s home and ends in a cave in the Min’Aroth. At the Sacred Site, Zahava discovers ancient dragon art and a mural depicting herself in a spacesuit. Here, she discovers the missing link to traveling to Levana’s planet.