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Salim stands on his way back from a meteor hunt, catspaw in hand

Salim is a Free Martian boy, who, along with his father the famous meteor hunter roams the Martian territories in search of precious meteors. A brave and sometimes rash boy, Salim is never seen without his trusty iron catspaw.


Early life and Family[]

Salim comes from a Free Martian family, which means he never stayed in one place for too long as a child. Salim has one sister. His father Asaph is a well known meteor hunter who is respected for his knowledge of meteors, his navigational skills and his ability to drive a hard bargain. Salim's father has a a history and connections in Council controlled territories, and with even the fringe elements of Free Martians, such as the T'vir. In his travels, Salim has seen many of the Free Martian outposts and communities, but knows the markets of the town of Miklat like the back of his hand.

Salim's Discovery[]

In the year 2470, Salim discovered a unique relic buried in a forgotten hideout in the caves of Min'Aroth. An incredibly unlikely sequence of events led Salim to explore a rift that opened into the caves. After a close encounter with an Arach, Salim stumbles upon a frogotten bunker and finds a damaged, but still functional Personal Dragon Atlas.

Salim and Immah[]

In Salim's Adventure, the introductory clip depicts Immah sending Salim on a quest to the "Dragon Graveyard".


Salim's Adventure (sidescroller)[]

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