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Zahava with the dragon, Levana on the martian steppes.

Zahava (which means gold in an ancient Terran tongue) is a gifted Terran girl who befriended and bonded with the dragon Levana. When she fled the Council with Levana she was declared to be an enemy of the future of Mars. The Free Martian leader, Immah believes that a great destiny is written for her in the hieroglyphics in the Min'Aroth caves.


Zahava stares at the Martian sky and dreams of a distant planet.

Zahava is a Terran girl who was raised in one of the Council controlled colonies, taught that the Martian Council was righteous and that the colonies were a utopia. Zahava does not remember her mother, who died in her infancy. Zahava's father, who died when Zahava was an adolescent as well, showed her sketches of a suit that would allow people to breathe among the stars.. She was adventurous from a young age, and was known to be a kind child. She was always a lover of animals and a dreamer at heart. A story is told that Zahava tried to feed two birds enough Luna to survive in the planet surface, but they did not survive their first flight.

Lore 2:[]

Zahava and Levana[]

When the young dragon, Levana, was brought to the colony, the Terran children played with her. Zahava instantly befriended the dragon and the two of them spent much time together. Zahava named the dragon Levana when she noticed it staring up at the twin moons at night. Zahava would sneak out to see the dragon past dark. Zahava began unlocking the gates at night and letting Levana out so the two of them could run free together.

The Luna incident[]

One night while the rest of the compound slept, Zahava unlocked the gates to let Levana out and fell asleep herself without securing Levana back in her enclosure. When the dragon escaped and ate a year's worth of energy supply in Luna orbs, the Council was furious with Zahava for the damage she had caused.

Zahava's flight[]

Zahava takes flight o Levana's back to the astonishment of the Martian Council.

The Martian Council, intimidated by the rapidly growing dragon Levana, and came to capture her with electrified ropes and harnesses. Zahava stepped in and begged them to leave the dragon be. When the Council guardians brushed her aside and surrounded the dragon Zahava rushed forward and grabbed onto Levana’s neck. The dragon quickly dipped its head for Zahava to mount and the two of them took flight, leaving the Colony and venturing out on her own into the Martian wilderness.

Lore 3:[]

On the run[]

For the first time in her life, Zahava began to see the cracks in the illusion the Martian Council had woven. The colonies were a prison, not a utopia. When she fled the Council, they declared her and Levana to be enemies of the future of Mars. Since, they have sent out patrols of guardians to capture the runaway pair, but without success. Zahava and Levana stayed on the move and began to explore the vast planet surface.

Dreams of space[]

Levana begins taking higher and higher flights, into the stratosphere. At night, Zahava stares at the sky and has dreams of flying through space with Levana. The dreams bring her to a planet she has never seen, which she comes to realize it Levana's home planet. She explores the planet, seeing wonderous thing for the first time she has no name for: oceans and ships. On the planet she is led to a crystal cavern full of countless treasure and relics. In it's heart lies a dragon nest. Zahava awakens when she finds the egg that has been calling her.

Lore 4:[]

Crash landing[]

Levana and Zahava freefall towards the planet surface.

Zahava and Levana's first attempt at space flight ends in a crash landing after the two of them fall unconscious from Zahava's inability to breathe. Zahava survives the fall because Levana protects her in her wings, but she is hurt in the crash. They are found by the meteor hunter Asaph, who is out scavenging with his son Salim, and a group of Free Martian Rangers. When the rangers see that Zahava is wearing a Council issued outfit, they approach to kill her, but she is saved by Salim, who insists that she should be brought to Immah, the oracle, for decision.

Meeting Immah[]

Asaph and Salim take Zahava back to Immah's dwelling in their cart. Zahava wakes up to find that Levana not with her. Immah, who has been expecting Zahava, invites her in for tea. After questioning her about her dragon, Immah tells her there is a journey they must take together, there is something she must see buried deep in the caves of Min'Aroth.

Lore 5:[]

Into the caves[]

Together with Immah, Zahava, Salim, and an escort of Free Martian Rangers journey by foot through a cave entrance in the Noctis Labrynthus into the Min'Aroth. Immah brings with her vials of meteor dust, explaining to Zahava that they can be used to craft "Anything your mind can dream of". A furious Levana appears as they are about to enter the caves. When Zahava communicates to the dragon that the party are friendly and that she is going of her own will, Levana lets them enter and waits outside for Zahava's safe return and the party journeys deep into the underground. Zahava is found to have the ability to communicate telepathically with giant spiders as well as dragons when an Arach threatens them.

The sacred site[]

Zahava glows in the suit she has just crafted herself.

Immah leads Zahava to a sacred site of mysterious origin deep in the Min'Aroth. There, past the enormous guardian statues of dragons she shows Zahava a mural with an ancient story of a woman in a space suit and a dragon. It seems familiar to Zahava. Immah then hands Zahava a vial of meteor dust and Zahava uses it and power from the Luna orbs in the cave walls to craft a suit for herself.